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​​O.K Trust was founded in 1991 by Osama Malek, Sherif Abdel Moniem, and Osama Kamal. We pride ourselves on being one of the first exhibition providers in Egypt to provide integrated business solutions that connect businesses to the right clientele for them.

We attribute our continued success to our unparalleled strategies, innovations, and, most importantly, our highly dynamic and skillful staff. Since the company was founded, we have held more than 39 successful rounds of La Casa Furniture Exhibition. Our portfolio also includes the successful organization of Hidex and Middle East Coatings, as well as conferences for Pfizer, Philip Morris, Gasco and BMW among others.

Our Journey

​Our journey started by La Casa Furniture Exhibition’s 1st edition, which was held in Sheraton, Cairo on an area of 800 sqm. Throughout the past 30 years, we’ve gradually grown our exhibition to an area of 30,000 sqm in Egypt International Exhibition Center, showcasing 100 brands and welcoming more than 75K visitors. 

​​Our vision developed from providing furniture brands and consumers a place to congregate under one roof, to becoming the leading furniture exhibition in Egypt and the Middle East by 2025, through innovative marketing strategies and services for our visitors and clients in a myriad of sectors. 

Our Offering

La Casa is Egypt’s all-inclusive furniture exhibition, bringing together all your home needs from the top furniture brands in Egypt to save you the time and effort of searching and comparing between different brands.

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​​Whether you’re looking for classic or modern furniture pieces for your home, home lighting applications, kitchen designs, or anythin​g in between, La Casa promises you an experience you will never forget.​ 

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Waiting For You At La Casa Furniture & Decoration Expo

26-29 MAY 2022