Simple Changes to Your Kitchen Design That Can Make All the Difference

Simple Changes to Your Kitchen Design That Can Make All the Difference


Why a great kitchen design is important

Your kitchen is one of the most important areas of your home. It’s where you and your family will go to cook, eat, drink and clean, and your kitchen design is a big part of making all of that more enjoyable and comfortable. Ideally, you want your kitchen to combine between spaciousness, functionality, and aesthetics to provide a great ambience for your family and friends to enjoy.

These little changes may not completely transform your kitchen, but they can help you enhance and elevate your kitchen and create a uniquely elegant look and feel that you will enjoy for years to come.

Design around the kitchen triangle


Design professionals use the term ‘kitchen triangle’ to refer to the sink, stove and refrigerator. These are the most commonly used areas within your kitchen, and you should plan ahead to ensure that there are no obstructions between these three appliances and that the space is just right.

Experts often recommend that the space between these three appliances be no less than 3 meters in length, and no more than 7.5 meters. If this space is too tight, you will find it hard to cook and clean when other people are around, while too much space will make those same activities much more exhausting than they should be.

Removing any obstructions from this area is also important so that you find it easy to move around your kitchen and avoid tripping on anything. If you’re working on your new kitchen design, keep your kitchen triangle in mind to make it as functional as possible for you and your family.

Proper kitchen lighting is essential

Unlike any other room inside your home, your kitchen needs to be especially well lit so that it can be functionally sound. Bright kitchen lighting is very important for safety, as this is where you will be handling sharp knives and hot pans. It’s a good idea to layer your lighting, so that work areas such as your stovetop and counters are especially bright and so the lighting doesn’t seem ‘flat’.

If the work areas within your kitchen are not well lit, consider adding lighting fixtures such as pendants or under-cabinet lighting. You’ll find that this small change can make cooking easier and more enjoyable.

Store knives out of reach

If you want to maximize your countertop space, consider affixing a magnetic strip right below your cupboards. You can use it to store your knives out of the reach of children for a safer kitchen area, and it will also help you reach your knives in an easier, more natural position.

You can also maximize your use of your kitchen walls by adding hooks to hang mugs and silverware on, giving you more space in your cupboards to store other utensils and pantry items. This is a great space-saving hack for smaller apartments.

Give your appliances some landing space


Landing space is the free countertop space around your appliances, which you can use to set items down while preparing your food. Having too little landing space can make your food preparation process much more difficult than it needs to be, as you’ll find yourself scrambling for items all over the place.

Try to plan ample landing space for each appliance based on how you’ll be using it to make your life that much easier. For example, if you’ll be using your blender to make fruit smoothies, consider the space you’ll need to keep fruit on hand, a plate or garbage bin to throw skins and seeds away, and the glass you’ll be pouring your smoothie in, and make sure that is all accounted for in your kitchen design.

Ventilation is key


If your kitchen isn’t well-ventilated, no kitchen design on Earth will make it enjoyable. Cooking creates tons of different smells and aromas, and without proper ventilation, that off-putting fish smell will linger for days after you cook seafood.

To ventilate your kitchen well, consider combining a good ventilation system with a window or two to make sure the air is crisp and fresh at all times, even while you’re in the process of cooking a meal.

Plan your kitchen design ahead for the best results

Designing your kitchen to perfection takes as much effort and research as designing any other part of your home, and it’s important to plan ahead before you even start shopping for furniture. Try to always think through the designs you’ve selected, and only look for items that will complement and accentuate the rest of your designs.

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