Why Some Living Room Designs Are Cozier Than Others

Why Some Living Room Designs Are Cozier Than Others


Make your living room design more inviting with these expert tips

If you’re moving to a new home, furnishing your summer home, or revamping your home’s interior design, you need to pay extra attention to your living room design. Surely you’ve noticed how some living room designs are cozier and more inviting than others, but maybe you’re not sure how you can perfect everything from your living room furniture to your home accessories to create an ambience that your families, guests, and most importantly you, will enjoy and find comfort in.

The most important thing, as is the case with furnishing any part of your home, is to plan ahead so that you have a good idea of where everything will go and how you want the final outcome to look. If you’re furnishing a small apartment, this is especially important to ensure that you have the space for everything you want inside your home while still maintaining that spacious, airy feeling.

The sofa is a good place to start


All interior designers know that a great living room design starts with a great sofa. This is the centerpiece of your living room, and you should make sure that the rest of your design, accessories, and lighting work to accentuate your sofa and create an inviting ambience around it.

For more modern living room designs, try to avoid sofas that are overly ornate and detailed because they can take away from the rest of the design and become the single focal point of your design, resulting in an unbalanced living room.

We all know sofas are expensive, but we recommend investing in a high quality one with a top notch, comfortable fabric. This will help you ensure that it lasts for years while helping it complement the rest of your living room furniture and accessories. Some of the best fabrics for furniture include leather, which is upscale as well as easy to clean, and wool, which is durable and warm while being easier to clean than other fabrics.

Coffee tables are for more than just coffee


Once you have your sofa picked out, it’s time to find the right coffee table, but don’t just go shopping for a nice looking coffee table on a whim. There are a lot of factors to consider when purchasing a coffee table so that the table fits into the rest of your living room design without becoming too much of a distraction or taking up too much space.

Think about the furniture you plan to put around your coffee table and start there. You want to make sure that the height is appropriate and that the colors blend into their surroundings. If you have kids or playful pets, you might want to steer away from glass tables as they could be an injury hazard. Instead, you can go for high quality wooden tables which are both durable and aesthetically pleasing.

Also try to think about the kind of home decor and accessories you want to place on your coffee table and try to consider those before making your purchase.

Stare at the walls


Let’s face it. We all have days when we get back from a long day at work and just stare at the walls for an hour (or three 👀). While this isn’t the only reason you should do so, including your walls in the planning and design stage of furnishing your living room can have huge effects on the end result. 

Placing bookshelves directly on the wall, for example, can be an excellent space-saving trick. Also try to consider the color, or colors, you’d like to paint your walls and think about how they will blend in with the rest of your living room design.

Try to stray away from basic white walls to give your space a unique ambience, unless you have bigger plans for your walls like replacing your TV with a projector to save space.

Pull it all together with the perfect rug


We see so many incredible living room designs ruined by rugs and carpets that are too small or too big, or that simply don’t work well with the rest of the design. 

To get the perfect rug, first measure the space you want it to encompass. Your rug should act as somewhat of a separator between your living room and the rest of your home, especially in open floor plans, and it should work to accentuate your sofa, coffee table, and the rest of your living room furniture in terms of color, size, and the fabric itself.

Think about the lighting too. You don’t want to create the perfect design only for it to be lit too brightly or dimly, as this small mistake can completely throw off your living room’s ambience. You want to make sure that your indoor lighting is coherent and consistent with your interior design and that each part of your home works to accentuate and complement the rest.

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